Other Cost Saving Services

"AllCities Solar installed solar panels, solar attic fan, and a new very energy efficient HVAC system for us, and our electric bill has been eliminated!" -S.L., Selah

Eliminate 'dirty' power to improve energy efficiency reduces harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF) in your home or business.
Contact us to discuss the cost and benefits of the energy management system.
Energy Management System 
After heating and cooling, hot water heating is typically the next largest draw on a home electrical system.  
We design and install Sun Bandit solar hot water systems for your home or business. Contact us to set up your complimentary consultation to see if solar hot water is the right financial decision for you.
Solar Hot Water 
Aging electrical systems are safety hazards and cause costly home improvements if not addressed early.
Need to bring your electrical system up to code or improve the system to allow for more electrical load or to support a solar system? Contact us to set up a consultation.
Electrical Upgrades